Listener Question: Paladins

Listener Andrew asks:

Hey so I was listening to one of your podcasts yesterday and it got me to thinking. I was wondering about min/maxing a pally in 5e. Now I am thinking long term about 15 levels, over the course of a campaign. I was thinking either Ancients or Vengeance. Leaning towards Ancients for the ability at 7th (resistant to damage) Not sure what this leaves open. I realize that this will hamper my pallys heals with LoH, is there a way I can circumvent that. I am Human Variant with Halberd, Polearm Master, LN alignment, I want to do significant damage and heal well, not sure if this is possible but if anyone can help it is Orc Labs. Thanks

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The Measure of a Hero: Intelligence

Forgetting to Remember to Learn with Your Brain

by Meorty Matt

Hey orcs. It’s been a while. Official splat material is starting to come out for 5th Edition, which will (hopefully) provide a fresh stream of relevant content for fans and critics alike. There are still some areas of core content that this blog has not examined in detail, however, and some of it raises Big Questions that haven’t really been answered… until now. Continue reading