Orc Labs Podcast 28 – Darkest Dungeon!

Today we don’t talk about D&D!? What? You say?! It’s true. We are talking about a new favorite game of ours, Darkest Dungeon, a roguelike RPG out now on Steam early access. This game will mess you up. Heroes die all the time so get attached at your own peril. Sometimes they break and need to spend time praying or drinking to forget the horrors they have seen. Listen to hear us discuss many of the game’s mechanics as well as a few party builds we’ve come to rely on. Enjoy!

Darkest Dungeon on Steam – http://store.steampowered.com/app/262060/

5th Edition D&D Limit Breaks, Part 3

How Far Is Too Far?

And How Far Is Not Far Enough?

Building a Better D&D Experience

by Meorty Matt

Anytime you pick up a game that involves pen & paper, dice, cards with a lot of words on them, or even a video game that grants you the freedom to build a character to your liking, there will come a moment when you have a clear choice. That is, a choice between doing what makes sense thematically (or flavor-wise) and doing what makes sense for your own self-interest. At the best of times, these two options will not be diametrically opposed or might actually be the same option. At the worst of times, extreme suspension of disbelief is required to continue without wanting to shout obscenities or throw something. What does any of this have to do with 5E?

5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons is not perfect. There, I said it. Continue reading