The Measure of a Hero: Intelligence

Forgetting to Remember to Learn with Your Brain

by Meorty Matt

Hey orcs. It’s been a while. Official splat material is starting to come out for 5th Edition, which will (hopefully) provide a fresh stream of relevant content for fans and critics alike. There are still some areas of core content that this blog has not examined in detail, however, and some of it raises Big Questions that haven’t really been answered… until now. Continue reading

Orc Labs Podcast 32 – Listener Questions!

Today we answer a couple listener questions!

1) Do you have general advice about which class to take first when multiclassing? I was thinking about Bard/Warlock when I get to create a character. But I don’t know the order in which to take the levels.

2) I’ve been trying to motivate my group of entirely new players to play more, but people are struggling to get engaged. Everyone but the rogue feels that combat is banal in fights (the wizard doesn’t know what they can do at them moment). The fighters just swing their weapons every round. How can I, as a player, help spice up combat for everyone? Or is there some advice you could give that I can share with the DM?